A CORE Group is two or more people, of the same gender, meeting regularly to understand their faith, grow in their faith, know their faith more deeply, become more like Jesus, and multiply the mission of Jesus.


  • Understanding your faith.
    • In this time, you'll understand and apply the GOSPEL more fully to your life. What did Jesus do? Why did he do it? What does it mean for me?
  • Growing in your faith.
    • After understanding our faith, we should then grow in what that looks like on a daily basis. In this section, you'll begin understanding and practicing some of the spiritual disciplines we see in Scripture like praying, reading the bible, serving, and more.
  • Knowing the Scriptures.
    • Our journey doesn't end after saying YES to Jesus, but continues as we know and understand the scriptures more fully. In this section, we'll uncover truths regarding to God, his revelation, creation, the fall, the church, and more.
  • Becoming like Jesus.
    • The goal of a follower of Jesus is to have our lives look more like his, and in essence, become more like Jesus ourselves. In this time, we'll uncover what it looks like to live the life of a Jesus follower.
  • Multiplying the mission.
    • The gospel came to us on its way to someone else, and in this section, we'll focus on why it's extremely important to continue to multiply the mission of Jesus.

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