Students from middle and high schools all over Northeast Denver converge at HighPoint and engage in a high-energy experience where they can explore faith. It’s an environment where they can be transparent, experience authentic friendships with their peers, and where leaders are there to walk alongside their best (and worst) parts of their teenage years.

What Happens In HighPoint?

HighPoint gathers on Wednesday Nights at The HUB. Students meet for an hour from 6:30-7:30 but doors open at 6:00, where students can grab snacks, hang out, play video games, and connect!

HighPoint also strives to connect ALL students in Northeast Denver and throughout the city, so once a quarter there are outreach events in locations throughout the city that your student can attend and bring their friends in on the journey! We meet at various locations, such as trampoline parks, movie theaters, parks, and much more!

Meet Our Student Director

Adam Pelham is passionate about connecting students to each other and pointing them on a journey with Jesus. He strives for HighPoint to be an engaging and unforgettable experience for EVERY student!

“We want EVERY student to feel welcome and want them to feel like HighPoint is a place that they can invite their friends!” - Adam